We’re all being poisoned…

11 01 2023

Dr Gary Fettke is a Tasmanian orthopaedic surgeon whose day job is amputating toes and feet from diabetics. He also does hip and knee replacements. Years ago he worked out that all this pain and suffering was not only unnecessary, but easily fixed with diet. Yes you guessed it, a low carb high fat (LCHF) Ketogenic diet. His story is amazing. He started giving his patients dietary advice and someone didn’t like it and reported him to some overarching medical organisation which threatened to have him deregistered from medicine! I kid you not, the cereals industry is that powerful. He was exonerated, and now he’s on a campaign. Probably too late as everything is going to collapse anyway, not least our health system.

The origin of the anti meat industry is thoroughly fascinating. If it wasn’t real, it would be a conspiracy theory. Someone should make a movie about this, it has all the intrigue…… As an aside, since embarking on my own keto adventure, all signs of the arthritis that was developing in my hands have disappeared. The way my BP is trending down I’ll be off my meds within a month or two….



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11 01 2023

Not all Seventh Day Adventists are vegetarian. Some eat meat. I have attended two separate Australian health retreats run by them. The first, in Narbethong Victoria was wholly plants based, the second, which I’ve attended twice over many years is located in Kin Kin on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The latter have adopted a low carb diet, which incorporates meat and excludes grains and high fructose fruit. Both groups eat super fresh, organically grown vegetables and fruit. Both offered a variety of massages and detox protocols. Neither group partake of alcohol or caffeine.
I must say that all the Seventh Day Adventists employees at both these establishments looked very healthy. In fact they radiated health and this was no doubt helped by the beautiful rural environments in which they live and work, plus their sense of community. However I decided to leave the vegetarian one (made up of the more traditional Adventists) early as one man there started to push their conservative bible based religious views ((with another employee there commenting that Charles Darwin was inspired by Satan!). In contrast the retreat located in Kin Kin was more enlightened in their outlook and religion was never mentioned. I have never met a more sincere and kind group of people in my life.
Just mentioning this because I’m sure the Adventists that Gary Fettke says have such power and influence in the world of nutrition are from the traditional vegetarian group and not from the breakaway group.

19 01 2023

I’m always a bit bemused how certain everyone in the West is about diet and the best diet for everyone, never mind individual differences. Over my life time people have recommended all meat diets, high fat diets, vegan diets, fish diets, don’t combine fruit and protein diets, Champaign diets, berries, fruit, nuts and small mammal diets (what people ate over most of our history), wholemeal diets, blessed sacrament diets, breath diets, human flesh diets, and so on. And always following the diet is a matter of virtue and health.

All were said to be needed by everyone. The idea that some people might do better on one diet than others do, seems to sink into oblivion.

If you like meat great. If you like vegetables great. Just do it.

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