Transition Town Cooran

23 07 2009


This is Cooran. Not much to it, really. About 700 people live here, there’s a rail station (of sorts, looks more like a bus stop!), a shop cum Post Office, a Doctors’ surgery, and a hairdresser. Oh and an Architectural firm that purports to specialise in sustainable development. Ho hum…

The real news about Cooran is that a few of us got together last year and started a Transition Town Initiative. What’s a Transition Town you ask? Look here:

Our group has successfully run two workshops on Peak Oil and Chris Martenson’s Crash Course (, too many Permablitz working bees to remember, and yours truly has started a brand new local ‘paper’ we call The Coorier.  One of us has now also started a networking website,

We’re not saving the world yet, but that will always be work in progress!