Is covid 19 a manufactured illusion?

26 07 2021

I lifted this straight from my friend Rob’s un-Denial blog…

Dr. David Martin – (Covid is) A Manufactured Illusion

Dr. David Martin has done a detailed review of the 73+ patents relevant to Covid and the facts are shocking and speak for themselves.

Like Rob, you will know I’m seriously allergic to conspiracies but this one smells like it might have legs to me, if only partially……

Everything, according to Dr Martin, we are being told by our “leaders” about Covid is apparently wrong.

I watched this July 9 video presentation a couple of times and sat on it for nearly a week before posting it because it’s so evil that it’s hard to digest and accept.

Click this link to watch the video from it’s Odysee source:

Here is a copy on YouTube which may disappear soon:

Not mentioned by Martin but additive to the case against our “leaders” is:

  • aggressive undermining and censorship of Ivermectin, an inexpensive and safe drug for prevention and treatment;
  • no promotion of inexpensive and safe methods for strengthening immune systems;
  • irrational policies such as vaccinating people who have recovered from Covid;
  • no debate of Dr. Bossche’s theory that a mass vaccination campaign during a pandemic with a non-sterilizing vaccine may create more dangerous variants that are immune to the vaccine and a vaccine degraded natural immune system;
  • no investigation of the virus source nor measures to prevent a recurrence.

I feel like I’m having a seriously deranged dream. Why is it becoming so hard to know what to believe and whom to trust? As Nicole Foss said years ago, the trust horizon is fast disappearing…..

If anyone is able to re-spin the data Martin presents into a pro-social or benign scenario, I would be grateful to hear your ideas.