I have a theory…..

27 12 2022

For the past year or so, I’ve been bombarded on social media about the side effects of Covid vaccines, particularly how they are purported to damage your Mitochondria. Some of the people sharing this material are often persons I’ve admired and respected for years, and some have even featured on this blog or follow it… Medical authorities, and not least Big Pharma of course, poo poo the whole idea as conspiracy theories. Social media is constantly censoring posts, even blocking them. Now I’m no expert. I had heard of Mitochondria before, but I didn’t even know what it was. You can’t know everything, though with a good BS filter you can learn a lot from places like YouTube. Like Dr John Campbell whose channel is often cited by these “conspiracists”. He’s even gotten close to getting into trouble with YouTube, but I find him the most credible when it comes to Covid information…

There’s no doubt there have been significant excess deaths since the worst part of the pandemic has more or less ended, the data is there for everyone to see. Dr John Campbell refrains from saying they’re caused by vaccines, he isn’t keen on getting blocked!

Since discovering the Keto Diet whose positive effects still have me amazed, I’ve become much more interested in health related issues. After all, the post collapse world probably won’t be able to supply us with the drugs we currently take for granted, the USA is already experiencing shortages, and don’t even mention China which is facing, I think, a diabolical health problem.

It turns out, the SAD diet – Standard American/Australian Diet, also known in some parlors as the Shit American Diet – can seriously damage Mitochondria. Let me tell you, I’ve decided that chronic inflammation is doing serious harm to all parts of your body…..

So then, what’s this new theory of mine you ask? Not being any sort of health expert, I can’t know one way or the other whether the Covid vaccines damage or even destroy Mitochondria as some people suggest. But, if your mitochondria is compromised because you’re following the SAD diet, then vaccines could be more likely to interfere with it. It was watching the following video that got me started on the path of this post. The SAD diet is probably responsible for all sorts of ailments, and what if the epidemic of bad health was just bubbling to the surface and going exponential like everything else turning to shit? The pandemic could be the catalyst that starts the die off…. an accumulation of everything that’s wrong with the food sector and the economy pushing it along.

The SAD diet causes all the diseases that Dr John Campbell lists in the video at the top. One cause of death is even urinary complications which are completely fixed in my case. As discussed above, it also causes neurological problems like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the latter being on Dr John’s list too. As is diabetes. To top it all we now have another epidemic of plant based everything that I personally believe is really unhealthy…..

There’s one more facet to my theory. Years ago Gail Tverberg wrote an essay on her blog explaining how many of the things we take for granted utterly rely on abundant SURPLUS ENERGY. Things like pension funds, insurance schemes, free education, and yes, a complex health system. The proof is that the US health system is responsible for 8% of its CO2 emissions! Post pandemic, the system is overwhelmed, staff are burnt out and leaving in droves, etc etc……. methinks all those unexplained excess deaths are also a sign of the surplus energy crisis and looming collapse.

Furthermore, having now participated in two podcasts with those crazy eco modernists I’m very much inclined to add GMOs. After all, who knows what ingesting glyphosate over a decade or two is capable of doing to unsuspecting consumers of processed foods?

I’d really like to know what you all think…. I appreciate I’ve given you a lot of homework!

Our first keto Christmas lunch…. Duck casserole with fennel, chicken breast in capsicum and cream sauce, and delicious sugar free blueberry cheese cake I’m still enjoying…. I wish we’d been eating like this for years…!