Rude awakening……

13 01 2012

It’s 4:20 am. And I have blood on my hands.

I was sound asleep, as one is prone to be at 4 am, when I was woken by the sound of distressed chooks (that’s Orstrayan for chickens!). We’ve lost so many chooks and ducks over the years, that I always wondered what it was that was killing them, and this time, with a full blown rush of adrenaline, I threw some shorts on, snatched a torch, and ran down to my chickens’ enclosure only to find a fox and my rooster fighting it out over a hen lying on the ground! Your head goes into overdrive in such a situation… Never seen a fox up this close before, smaller than I expected too… but unfortunately for foxes, they have a long tail, and after wondering for one nano second whether foxes have ever bitten humans, I grabbed its tail, hurled it into the air and slammed it to the ground, killing it in one blow….. I can tell you, I’m even more amazed than you are!

Half dazed, I walked into the bedroom to show it to Glenda who said “don’t f*** with Mike’s chickens..”!

When I returned to the chook pen, I found the poor hen mortally wounded, and had to dispatch it as well, and now I have to process the poor traumatised bird so that at least all the work that went into raising it isn’t wasted.

I think I’m fully awake now….. life’s full of turns let me tell you…

And revenge is sweet. After a well deserved cup of strong coffee, I did a bit of research on foxes in Australia only to find they are an amazing problem everywhere.