Insanity rules….

26 05 2023

Every day, I open the internet and more stupid crap falls through the door. The amount of insanity taking over civilisation today truly beggars belief. It’s incomprehensible. And it’s thoroughly depressing.

Take this push to destroy farming in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. To be sure, nitrogen pollution is a major problem, but this will actually make it worse. Farming certainly needs major reforms, no doubt about it, but this kind of reform will cause serious food shortages. And just as we should be recognising the Metabolic Syndrome epidemic and eating more meat, not less… It’s almost as though those in charge have finally worked out we’re in overshoot, and are out to kill millions of people…. Yep, my own private conspiracy theory!

Done properly, animal grazing could improve the climate, not worsen it. But hardly anyone seems to have any idea. Instead of closing down farms, farmers should be re-educated…. Here’s a great scientific paper written by a Dutchman about what needs to be done… :

The push for plant based diets is moving ahead at an amazing pace. And just like the push for non renewable renewable energy harvesting technologies, this is not only a technology doomed to fail, but it is just as unachievable.

Technology cannot save us from a social predicament.

All this crap only proves to me is that we’re doomed… They will do anything to make money and prop up the debt Matrix.