My theory revisited

26 02 2023

There’s a lot of talk over the internet about the current “excess deaths” numbers. There’s no doubt it’s happening, the data is clear. Pundits like to blame the covid vaccines. Maybe those vaccines have killed people, but what I find interesting is that those people are dying of EXACTLY what people suffering from Metabolic Syndrome die from….. It cannot be a coincidence.

Tim Noakes reckons that 80% of Americans are insulin resistant, and I’d be prepared to bet Australian and British people wouldn’t be far behind. Insulin resistance must surely be growing exponentially, just like everything else in the world is. Global health systems are getting overwhelmed by this and will likely be part of the looming collapse. I’m more certain than ever that a population crash is imminent. This is a couple of years old and pre excess deaths data, but I think he pretty much would agree with me today.