My theory revisited

26 02 2023

There’s a lot of talk over the internet about the current “excess deaths” numbers. There’s no doubt it’s happening, the data is clear. Pundits like to blame the covid vaccines. Maybe those vaccines have killed people, but what I find interesting is that those people are dying of EXACTLY what people suffering from Metabolic Syndrome die from….. It cannot be a coincidence.

Tim Noakes reckons that 80% of Americans are insulin resistant, and I’d be prepared to bet Australian and British people wouldn’t be far behind. Insulin resistance must surely be growing exponentially, just like everything else in the world is. Global health systems are getting overwhelmed by this and will likely be part of the looming collapse. I’m more certain than ever that a population crash is imminent. This is a couple of years old and pre excess deaths data, but I think he pretty much would agree with me today.

To top it all, the powers that be are wanting to make it all worse by reducing meat consumption. I have no doubt that agriculture is a serious contributor to climate change. You can’t drive all that diesel powered machinery, manufacture all the agro chemicals and fertilisers, process all that resulting food and distribute it globally with more fossil fuels in ships, planes and trucks without belching more CO2 into our already overburdened atmosphere. But then to blame cows is utterly bizarre…. Because they’re carbon neutral and could be carbon sinks if managed properly.

food is now so fossil fuels intensive it’s become an energy SINK. 90% of the calories in your food now come from oil and gas and to some extent, coal too. Without fossil fuels, we would starve, unless you were prepared to get off your backside and start farming. And the easiest way to grow food is not by ploughing up a garden for fruit and vegetables, it’s letting grazing animals turn grass growing on usually poor soils into protein and saturated fats.

Now that I’ve detoxed my body of carbs and sugars, any time I eat some my urine starts going really dark. I’m sure that this is what happens because it clears up as fast as it happens. The SAD diet is really bad for you. Period.

But we can’t have healthy people now can we…



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26 02 2023

From what I’ve read, “excess deaths” also occurred in the years after the 1918-1920 flu. (When no vaccines existed).
There’s no doubt that the covid vaccines have been more problematic than anticipated and have resulted in deaths. (Harder to quantify how many millions of lives might have been saved because of the vaccines).
But the great majority of excess deaths are attributable to the long term effects on the body of covid infection (and repeated covid infections). This virus, even the omicron variant, can have an adverse effect on multiple areas of the body including inflammation in the heart and respiratory system – which may not be readily apparent. Covid infections can weaken the immune system and even have neurological effects. I had no adverse effects at all from the 3 Pfizer shots I had (the last in December 2021) but 7 months later was infected with omicron and sustained some peripheral neuropathy in my feet, which remains to this day. I have also experienced the debilitating effects of another (unknown) virus, 4 months ago – whereas before my covid infection, I’d never had a cold or flu infection for years.
So covid can take a toll on the body, especially the older one is. And it can shorten lives – again especially amongst those over 50 and those with existing health problems or already reduced immune systems.
But these deaths are not recorded as covid deaths, unlike those occurring in the immediate aftermath of infection.
Another factor resulting in excess deaths is the delay many people have had in the diagnosis and treatment of other health conditions, including cancer – because of the pandemic.
I personally know of surgeons in Australia who are now operating on Saturdays to try to catch up with the backlog of cases.
And I read that in the UK there is currently a backlog of 7.3 million cases waiting for diagnostic tests, treatments and surgeries.

26 02 2023

26 02 2023

Very interesting, thanks Marg…

26 02 2023
Anthony O'Brien

The change in excess deaths cannot be explained by metabolic syndrome alone. That is not to say it is not a factor, it very likely is. Metabolic syndrome affects how well so much of the body works and covid/post covid effects almost all the body, the two together are likely to be significantly worse than the sum.

The correlation between a lack of sunlight and excess deaths supports your theory. Diet is not the only factor in metabolic syndrome, sun and exercise also play a part.

Delayed treatment for other problems is also a significant part. Cancer and heart problems are very time sensitive and undoubtedly many people had treatment delayed past effective treatment times.

The MedCram vid the Marge posted is a good one. In truth I doubt we will ever fully tease out the causes statistically. This argument has a long way to run.

28 02 2023
Chris Harries

The excess deaths statistic mainly seems to come from Britain specifically. Agree with Marg’s comments above.

While I have followed and agreed with Mike’s general thesis re impact of easy carbohydrates on our body systems, there’s nothing new happening there to cause a sudden distortion in mortalities.

I expect excess deaths will sink soon, following the pandemic and its little aftershocks. But would make any macro predictions as we mostly also believe that our civilisation is going into a tailspin that is likely to have fatal impacts on human numbers.

28 02 2023

It’s also occurring here and in NZ. The reason I’m theorising a metabolic syndrome epidemic is coming is because it seems to me it takes 20, 30, even 40 years for the carbs overload to catch up with people like it did with me. I’ve always thought that my diet was healthy and I would never have thought that my super fit and thin friend in Hobart would need a stent…

Seemingly healthy individuals can get (apart from the obvious diabetes) all sorts of ailments from insulin resistance like cardiovascular disease, cancer, alzheimers, joint problems, hypertension and the list is very long! Who would have thought that eating fruit would throw one’s liver and kidney functions heywire?

28 02 2023

I think there is validity in what Mike says.
From the BMJ.
“Covid-19 death rates are 10 times higher in countries where more than half of the adult population is classified as overweight, a comprehensive report from the World Obesity Federation has found.”

In the USA, a CDC study found that some 78% of people hospitalised for covid were overweight or obese.

Again, severe covid in young people can mostly be explained by obesity.

Without a doubt the great majority of these people would have suffered from metabolic syndrome – at the very least. Numerous studies have shown that metabolic syndrome has been strongly associated with high carbohydrate intake.

28 02 2023

Indeed, co-morbidity should be renamed carbs overdose…

1 03 2023

can be a coincidence but its refreshing to hear a well sussed option and of course it may be neither

6 03 2023
Allan Stromfeldt Christensen

Cardiologist Eric Topol just published a post explaining, as stated in the title, “Heart attacks and strokes late after Covid”. If I’m not mistaken, only the deaths occurring immediately during/after an infection are chalked up as related to SARS-CoV-2, while delayed (“excess”) deaths are not.

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