We’re all being poisoned…

11 01 2023

Dr Gary Fettke is a Tasmanian orthopaedic surgeon whose day job is amputating toes and feet from diabetics. He also does hip and knee replacements. Years ago he worked out that all this pain and suffering was not only unnecessary, but easily fixed with diet. Yes you guessed it, a low carb high fat (LCHF) Ketogenic diet. His story is amazing. He started giving his patients dietary advice and someone didn’t like it and reported him to some overarching medical organisation which threatened to have him deregistered from medicine! I kid you not, the cereals industry is that powerful. He was exonerated, and now he’s on a campaign. Probably too late as everything is going to collapse anyway, not least our health system.

The origin of the anti meat industry is thoroughly fascinating. If it wasn’t real, it would be a conspiracy theory. Someone should make a movie about this, it has all the intrigue…… As an aside, since embarking on my own keto adventure, all signs of the arthritis that was developing in my hands have disappeared. The way my BP is trending down I’ll be off my meds within a month or two….