More Metabolic Syndrome news…

4 05 2023

I cannot express how chuffed I am this podcast has come up… Nate is obviously too busy with all he does to get involved with mere Mike Stasse on a personal basis, but I do know he reads at least some of the stuff I post on social media because he’s left the odd comment on my FB wall. Then a week or three ago, he mentioned metabolic syndrome in one of his franklies… I could not help thinking, did he pick this up from me? Because to be honest I’m literally the only one banging on about the importance of this epidemic on FB, as it ties in with all the other emergencies we’re facing.

Over the past seven or eight months, I’ve learned a huge amount regarding nutrition. I’ve watched hundreds of videos and read tons of articles on the low carb high fat diet, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome but had never come across Robert Lustig. Having said that, I’m really starting to think that this whole issue is finally coming out of the woodwork, as it should. Because I think it’s a definite driver of collapse as health systems everywhere are crushed…. More and more people are joining the dots, at last.