On Ecomodernism

9 01 2023

The American ecomodernists must like me, they asked me back!



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9 01 2023

Hopefully you can put them straight on a few things Mike!

9 01 2023

Haha, that’s a tough ask, it’s like a religion!

9 01 2023

Oh my word, just listening to the opening 6 minutes of fantasy, wtf?

9 01 2023

I know, I know…

9 01 2023

I gave up after 15 mins or so, when more urbanisation was proposed as a solution. The delusion is too great.

The only OUTCOME of Overshoot is DEGROWTH and DEPOPULATION, this is not negotiable – maths, history, archeology and the laws of physics tell us so. Anything else is human hubris and greenwashing.

It’s funny how populationists (particularly relevant as Canada & Australia are currently trying to introduce 500,000,000 immigrants a year to boost their economies) don’t argue for 8 billion beavers or 8 billion crocodiles or 8 billion gazelles or 8 billion elephants or whatever, only considering 8 billion humans or more a good thing.

Mike, thank you for your efforts to burst their bubbles!

10 01 2023

Blimey that’s a lot of immigrants Mark.

10 01 2023
10 01 2023
Pantheist Union

Mark Bevis, I too didn’t watch the whole interview. Poor Mike surrounded by these brainwashed human worshippers.
I watched the beginning (even their intro is nauseating and soul destroying) then the part about space travel and that was enough for me.
One species trying to keep it’s warped story of superiority plowing on at the cost of all other life.
This insanity has no connection to other life, no sublime feelings toward nature…..just a warped obsession of itself.
Soon they won’t even be able to get fire crackers let alone space rockets.
The sooner this hellish freak show is over the better……..

10 01 2023

Couldn’t agree more. I don’t think I could handle another one!

13 01 2023

Glad you were assertive enough to argue with them Mike.

Once I learned to see fossil fuels, especially oil, everywhere, I couldn’t unsee it. I worry it might be its own bias/blinders.

The other thing I can’t unsee is that video of the olympic cyclist trying to power ONE toaster with his legs.

Energy, energy everywhere.

I am disappointed every time I hopefully listen to optimists, only to find out their ideas don’t stand up to basic maths, physics, or psychology.

Using mobile phones as a case study is always a red flag for low IQ.

14 03 2023

The part where I knew those guys were delusional was when they mentioned urbanization as a solution. They don’t have a fucking idea of what is an Ecological Footprint. In a 2000 study, they found the whole City of Tokyo required 125 times it’s area to be sustained. That area was bigger than the entire country of Japan.


And, how they shunned Limits to Growth. Next time show them there has been several revisions to the report which have confirmed it was accurate. Tom Murphy is also a good source to debunk them.

15 03 2023

No “fucking idea” is what most Governments have. I’ve never heard an Australian politician (not even the increasingly ‘woke’ Greens) mention the concepts of ecological footprint and limits to growth. Whereas, from the link you posted, the Japanese government has been actively aware of these for many years :- “Japan’s Ministry of the Environment first included the Ecological Footprint in its 1996 Annual White Paper….. The Ecological Footprint was later adopted by the national government as part of Japan’s Basic Environmental Plan in 2006”.
It’s why Japan doesn’t have immigration intakes for permanent settlement. They can’t afford to increase their overall carrying capacity, (despite the lower birth rate having some significant social implications). And they also want to protect their culture (which some on the far left would predictably decry as “racist ”)

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