A pack of lies….

12 02 2023

The amount of crap available on the internet these days seems to be growing exponentially. And unless you are equipped with the best quality BS filter, it’s not hard to be taken in by it. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes gospel truth.

Take my recent health/diet epiphany…. When I wrote about it, I stated that going keto had fixed my prostate problems. And I was amazed, because frankly, how could this even happen in two days? It turns out that it didn’t. It’s a long story I won’t bore you with, but what the keto diet repaired wasn’t my prostate, it was my kidneys. So why did I think it was my prostate? Because for years, medicos had been leading me up the garden path. Yes I have an enlarged prostate, yes it’s probably impeding urine flow, but it’s only mild and had nothing to do with my nocturnal visits to the loo.

In July last year, I had my annual blood test and the doctor said that my kidney and liver functions were not great, but it was nothing to worry about just yet, keep an eye on things. Meanwhile, I was getting UTIs far more regularly than any bloke should have (women are far more prone to such problems), even puzzling the doctors. It’s not supposed to be my job to work out what is wrong with me, it’s theirs, but so ignorant are doctors regarding chronic inflammation and the damage carbs do that none of this even crossed their minds.

Dr YouTube to the rescue. It turns out that among the bewildering list of things carbs can do to you, kidney disease and fatty liver disease are prominent. Having had another bout of urine looking like strong tea after eating a single apricot (I am not making this up) it was back to the doctor. By the time I got an appointment (remember that our health system has started collapsing) my urine looked normal again and I had another blood test, which revealed, drum roll, that two months into the keto diet those kidney and liver functions had gone back to normal…. Even then, the doctor started talking about antibiotics and seeing a specialist. I’m not doing any such thing I told her, I’ll look after myself thank you very much.

I’ve since learned that more and more doctors are challenging the standard nutritional diet guidelines. The result though is that the establishment is attacking them left right and centre. We can’t expose all their lies, now can we?

Here’s the latest, a UK cardiologist fighting the same fight our local Tassie orthopaedic surgeon Dr Gary Fettke was exonerated for two or three years ago. His name is Dr Aseem Malhotra.

And here’s Pr Tim Noakes from South Africa who had to go through the same horrendous process. In the end, when science is on your side, they don’t have a foot to stand on….

There are so many packs of lies to deal with now, where do we start? Packs of lies about population, farming, climate, renewable energy, economic growth, resource depletion, and now metabolic syndrome, and I’ve certainly left many more out. We need a revolution now more than ever.