An amazing story….

6 01 2023

I’ve been on my new ketogenic adventure for about a month now. I feel the best I’ve felt in years, even starting to ride my bike into town to get some shopping done. Yesterday I had my first 24 hour fast and a ride into Geeveston. I thought I’d feel hungry after that, but no…. In fact the most interesting part of the exercise is that lack of hunger. Saturated fat power obviously goes a lot further than glucose!

Almost every other day I’m told by vegan types that red meat causes cancer. That study has BTW been debunked, the data it came up with is not showing any statistical results to support its conclusions.

Then along comes this extraordinary story of this Frenchman literally curing himself of stage three colon cancer with fasting and……. rib eye fillet! It’s more complicated than that, but honestly, you need to watch this all the way to the end.