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4 05 2023

I cannot express how chuffed I am this podcast has come up… Nate is obviously too busy with all he does to get involved with mere Mike Stasse on a personal basis, but I do know he reads at least some of the stuff I post on social media because he’s left the odd comment on my FB wall. Then a week or three ago, he mentioned metabolic syndrome in one of his franklies… I could not help thinking, did he pick this up from me? Because to be honest I’m literally the only one banging on about the importance of this epidemic on FB, as it ties in with all the other emergencies we’re facing.

Over the past seven or eight months, I’ve learned a huge amount regarding nutrition. I’ve watched hundreds of videos and read tons of articles on the low carb high fat diet, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome but had never come across Robert Lustig. Having said that, I’m really starting to think that this whole issue is finally coming out of the woodwork, as it should. Because I think it’s a definite driver of collapse as health systems everywhere are crushed…. More and more people are joining the dots, at last.




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4 05 2023

Hi Mike, first time commenter here. (Not on FB, just a blog subscriber). This was a very interesting interview, and you’re right, it does feel like disparate voices are starting to coalesce re diet and health to sing from the same songsheet and things might even change in our lifetime. You started my husband and I on a new path just over three months ago – no we haven’t moved to Tasmania and gone off-grid, haha; we’ve gone Carnivore!

Your personal experience of going low-carb sent us down a rabbit hole and dozens of videos and podcasts and articles later sees us having grabbed your baton and running like mad toward weight loss (the Mr) and better health (both) already. And we are off to our first low-carb roadshow this weekend. A hearty thank you!

4 05 2023

Wow, so glad I could help… Best to you both.

4 05 2023
Lee miller

Very interesting. Thank you for that.

5 05 2023

A good documentary from DW.

5 05 2023

I saw that a few weeks ago actually… Very good video.

5 05 2023
Monte John Latham

Yes I’m onto thiswagon over the last few months too, as pixel research and the ‘How Not to Die’ MGreger book. Not Big pharma rather Big Brocolli. Fruit and vegi have grunt, real grunt. And yes the awareness grows of the far reaches of poor diet across the world with those who lse and those who gain. Fantastic Mike to see that vid.

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