Empty Planet

2 04 2023

Recently, I hopefully shocked my eco modernist buddies… This time it’s Darrell Bricker’s turn.



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2 04 2023
Anthony O'Brien

You need two incomes to rent a house let alone buy one. Improving the prospects of couples would make them much more likely to have children.

But even if you make it economically viable to have children, male sperm counts are falling off a cliff. Sperm counts are down about 10% per decade and will be at critical levels soon.

We don’t want to have children. We can’t afford to have children. Soon we won’t be able to have children.

2 04 2023

Population decrease is great news, on the short term of course it would be Bad, less population means the Ponzi scheme is over, but on the long term, great for the planet and humans

2 04 2023

Here’s the comment I put on YouTube –
A planet with far less people would be a better place not just for humans but for every other living thing on this unique and amazing planet. Unfortunately humans have become like locusts on the natural world. We consume far too much stuff and that has a huge environmental cost. This guy is just so human centric and doesnt seem concerned about nature at all. Of course, if fewer babies are born, there will be problems for a while, especially the growing numbers of elderly people. But that will eventually take care of itself. And yes, we might have to lower our expectations about consumption and the standard of living in the Western world. Has he ever heard of “resource depletion”, “ecological overshoot”, “environmental footprint” and especially Limits to Growth?
I’m also concerned about his focus on conventional families and how he would actually strongly advocate increased child bearing for women. He talks about the increased educational and employment opportunities for women that have taken place across the world and actually says “it’s a bad thing”.

3 04 2023

With respect Marg, you say that the numbers of elderly will eventually balance out. Unfortunately, if the birth rate is 1.2 as it is in China, then you will have two older people for every 1 younger forever more – or all the way down to zero in about 500 years time – not enough time for all the plastics and toxins to have disappeared and for the sperm count to have gone back up again even if with resource depletion we all move back to an agrarian lifestyle – maybe not a bad thing, but sad to think there will be no one left to admire and experience this amazing planet.

Of course this interview is pretty much a waste of time as none of the participants seem to be energy aware. Bricker makes the point that humans are far more fragile than is generally understood but he’s basically a businessman with his focus on the short term – healthcare, consumerism, marketing and economic growth.

Another great example of Varki’s Mort Theory – clever people blinded by their reality-denial genes and so can’t extrapolate the truth from their own statistics.

3 04 2023

Maybe humanity doesn’t have to worry too much about the declining birth rate. It’s on the cards that a great many of us will be gone within 50-100 years anyway – by starvation resulting from climate change, loss of fertile soils and fisheries and energy depletion. And then there’s the ever increasing possibility of a very bad pandemic and nuclear war.

3 04 2023

Hmm …. pop bursting down X AI bursting out = ?

5 04 2023

Thats it! this video explains the current focus on AI, they must spawn digital identities to do the “work” of society, including borrowing money at interest, owning of various properties, etc…

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