Limits everywhere

5 03 2023

Another great video from my friend Paul Mobbs…



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20 03 2023
Etyere Petyere

This is total bullshit . Suggesting 8 billion people going back to the land in one hand a shovel in another a hand plow to non existing infrastructure and start make a living as subsistence farmers . This is moronic idiotic and a delusion . For me it is ridiculous

20 03 2023

With fossil fuels you can do anything. Without them….. well you tell me what happens.

22 03 2023
Etyere Petyere

This system with fossil fuels is either grow or bust. it will definitely collapse eventually And after that , if there is survivors they can worry about what to do .Thats not of the concern of the day now . Our only concern is to keep it going of growing until that . Thats all to it .

22 03 2023
22 03 2023
Etyere Petyere

You see the problem is that even a web site dedicated to collapse is touting these kind of idiotic phantasies and people looking at them saying gee look how simple this is the solution . Bucolic paradise . Thanks . I am relieved . Now i can go back to my beer in the fridge

23 03 2023
Etyere Petyere

Watch this from 17minutes 45 sec for like 3 minutes it is clearly laid out that without fossil fuel nitrogen fertilisation at least less than half of humans would only exist .

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