Capitalism IS the Crisis….

26 04 2014

I heard this film mentioned by Derrick Jensen at the end of that podcast I mentioned in Why we are still screwed….. Thorium or no Thorium!

It’s a bit long at one hour forty minutes – why is it doco producers seem to think their films can’t be as good if they’re edited shorter?  Anyhow, I still think it’s compulsory viewing….  especially for Australians who can have the advantage of seeing where Canada’s Harper government took its people.  Remember, we are just a couple of years behind, and Abbott could easily be Harper’s clone.


Why we are still screwed….. Thorium or no Thorium!

26 04 2014

Kirk Sorensen

Kirk Sorensen

I recently had the pleasure of my son the physicist’s presence while my back was doing its thing and disallowing me from doing anything worthwhile….  Discussing our predicaments with this young man’s alert mind is very satisfying, even inspiring at times… what he has learned at University is truly fascinating.  Somehow we got on the subject of Thorium, which he seems to believe may have a future, as long as we can get around the extremely corrosive effects of Fluorine, an element bonded to the Thorium as Thorium Tetrafluoride.  Alex tells me the Chinese and Indians are onto the solutions….. time will tell.

I relayed my concerns to him that ‘unlimited energy’ might also result in ‘unlimited damage’, something he had not considered, but then rebutted by saying it could also result in ‘unlimited damage repair’, something I hadn’t thought about..!

Anyhow, to cut to the chase, no sooner had Alex left our place, along comes this (two hour – 400MB!) movie in my busy in-tray.  It’s way too long methinks, but I recommend you view the first half hour – after which you’ll “get it”, and then the last forty or so minutes which I thought were actually the best bits….. you will not believe your ears and eyes on the total idiocy that is occurring with regards to rare earths…….  One thing I found amazing was that he actually believes the powerful and the rich only oppressed the masses before ‘the enlightenment’ of the current era.  Exactly what does he think is currently going on..?  This segment also makes fleeting mention of the cost of employment….  which is why I believe we need to abandon money as we known it.  The very reason we have so much nuclear waste, this film claims, is down to money… it is simply uneconomical to deal it.  We must stop measuring the ‘worth’ of things in money, and return to the days when money was exclusively used for trading, and nothing else.

When I was young, I remember being promised energy so limitless and so cheap, no one would have to work.  Instead, we now have a government wanting to raise the pension age to 70 and enslave every last one of us to meaningless, unsustainable, and unsatisfying work.  The Matrix is alive and well in Joe Hockey..!  I don’t know how many times I have said that the Matrix need a reboot, but this film has more than convinced me I am right…..

I have to say, Kirk Sorensen is very convincing.  It’s a pity the film is so repetitive and so focused on Sorensen who is obviously passionate about the concept.  He makes all the right noises; we have to stop using fossil fuels, and renewables won’t cut the mustard, both of which I utterly agree with.  And the idea of actually removing CO2 from the air and turning it back into liquid fuel like petrol/gasoline and diesel certainly has appeal.  Though one aspect (CO2 extraction) is remedial, while the other (unlimited amounts of liquid fuel) could potentially see the deforestation of the Amazon through to its disastrous finale…….  There are even people apparently working on Thorium powered cars which they claim could run for a hundred years on 8 grams of Thorium, thereby totally bypassing making liquid fuel and/or storage batteries..!  Not even my son, however, believes that will ever actually happen…. that will have to be another discussion next time he visits.

jensenhedges_160I’ve been downloading loads of podcasts lately, which I listen to in my car (which has a far superior sound to my laptop!).  One in particular I found really compelling.  Derrick Jensen and Chris Hedges discuss What is it going to take for concerned and engaged citizens to finally feel as though some crucial threshold has been crossed—that our nation’s political system and the global corporate culture it both serves and feeds into will never represent them or serve their needs? Continuing along that line, what’s to be done once that realization has hit home, as it has for authors Chris Hedges and Derrick Jensen? Both Hedges and Jensen offer their ideas in this July 5 interview with Mount Royal University professor Michael Truscello.

As it happened, I listened to it almost immediately after watching the Thorium doco….. and between the last forty minutes of the latter and the discussion between Jensen and Hedges, I came away utterly convinced that Thorium will never stop collapse from happening.  It’s simply too late for solutions, and worse, the very people who are in charge of the Matrix are against applying solutions, whether they are Thorium or not, because such solutions removes their power and makes them poorer.  By the time we the people wrest this power and wealth from the owners of the Matrix, if ever, to redirect it to forming the new sustainable world we all crave…… the world will be in such a mess that instigating any remedial action will not be possible.

I thought the concept of the corporate world turning everything into commodities, from people to the natural world, particularly compelling.  Nothing gets done unless there’s money to be made, and frankly, Thorium is far too efficient (Sorensen claims 1 million times more efficient than fossil fuels!) for them to make profits from such an energy source!

Sorensen himself, unknowingly touches on this in the last forty minutes of his film.  He would, of course, be totally unawares of the issues we discuss here on DTM….  such is the power of specialisation.  Ask him where his money comes from, and I’m almost certain he would not have a clue.  Hopium rules…..

On a lighter note…… you may get a laugh over this;  I sure did!  Enjoy your weekend.