RIP Mike Ruppert

16 04 2014

rip-michael-ruppert-suicide-memeYesterday, on Facebook, an announcement that Mike Ruppert had shot himself dead was made.  When someone you ‘know’, even if it’s only over the interweb commits suicide, it always comes as a bit of a shock.  His attorney over at has pleaded with people to not spread speculations over Mike Ruppert’s death, but I think the internet will be full of speculations,  such is number of people whose lives he touched…..

I first came across Mike over ten years ago, back when I got most of my information at ‘From the Wilderness‘.  It was over at FTW that I discovered just how dependent the world is on fossil fuels with an article (which Ruppert did not write) I still recommend to anyone who doubts we are…  it may even have triggered my feelings towards realising we were stuffed…!  FTW went behind a paywall (and fair enough I suppose..) and I stopped going there, which doesn’t make it any less worthy.  I’d read enough.  Whilst Ruppert’s name appeared often in stuff I read about Peak Everything, I largely lost ‘contact’ with his work, which is now substantial. He’s written a book I haven’t read, Crossing the Rubicon and ‘stars’ in a video appropriately called Collapse….. well worth watching if you haven’t done so yet.

I always found Mike a bit over the top, seeing conspiracies everywhere (911 being the classic) and sometimes making claims that were hard to justify.  But he was just too likeable to ignore; and much of what he had to say was true, it was just that you needed a good BS filter.  And I say that as a compliment, trust me.  He was a very convincing person.

I’ve written a bit about suicide in this space.  People like Mike Ruppert and I and the many others who carry what Richard Heinberg recently called ‘toxic knowledge’ carry a heavy burden sometimes.  And because we are all different, we all cope differently.  I suspect Mike really overdid it.  He lived and breathed doom, it was an obsession, no doubt about it.  And even though he had an obviously large and close entourage supporting him, the doom obviously finally got to him.

After I discovered he had died, I decided to listen to his last Life Boat Hour podcast.  As they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing, but frankly I could see the sorts of red flags a trained psychologist would possibly recognise… right down to his choice of music.  But I’m no trained psychologist, so I’m not speculating, Mike’s attorney won’t allow it.

His death will leave a gaping hole in the collapsenik world, he will be missed, because people larger than life as Mike was always are.  He might finally rest in peace…. there are no demons in the afterlife.