The truth about the ‘carbon tax’

6 04 2014

The Australian Independent Media Network

carbontax Firstly, let’s remember that from June 2007 to December 2012,  before the introduction of carbon pricing, average electricity prices rose by 70 per cent , so the big hike we all endured had nothing to do with action on climate change. A 2012 report by the Productivity Commission found network services, or poles and wires, to be the single most costly component of electricity supply accounting for around 45 per cent of total electricity prices from 2007-2012.

Next, let’s get the terminology straight. We have a fixed price emissions trading scheme which was slated to move to a floating price in 2015 under Gillard, moved forward to 2014 under Rudd. This means that our current system has two months to run, after which time we were going to align with the EU market which is estimated to move to about $9 per tonne this year, a significant reduction from our…

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