Earth and Humanity

19 05 2021

Every year, Nate Hagens produces a video for Earth Day. Nate is someone I cannot admire enough. These videos normally last about an hour, but this year one of his University colleagues told him it was about time he stopped pussy footing around and tell it like is. So this year’s effort runs for almost three hours…… and it’s Nate’s tour de force…! You probably won’t learn much if you’ve been lurking on this blog long enough, but you won’t be disappointed, and you should certainly share the hell out of it, because it’s fast becoming urgent for the ignorant masses to find out the truth….



2 responses

20 05 2021

After a few years of research and meditation I think Nate and all of you clowns have completely lost the ball. Let’s face it: all eco-nazists are sick. So let’s drop all “green” neo-fascism.
Let’s not support any CEOs and their Teslas and private jet trips to Davos. Instead, let’s push carbon as fast as possible into the atmosphere, plants really like it. Then we’ll just eat plants and everyone is happy.

26 05 2021


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