The EVERYTHING bubble…..

21 05 2017

I’m no financial guru.  Since studying Nicole Foss’ and Chris Martenson’s work, I have a reasonable understanding of how the economy works, enough to know it’s completely unsustainable and will eventually crash. I’m only interested in when it crashes because I worry it will all turn to dust before our new house is finished, and that could make my life difficult…. so I have to rely on proper gurus. I’d never heard of Mike Maloney until I heard him interviewed by Chris Martenson in a podcast, and my gut feeling is that he knows what he’s talking about.

We don’t have stocks and shares or gold and silver, because I believe that the real investment needed is farm land, and a shelter that doesn’t need to be connected to the rest of a collapsing world, which is why I don’t really follow all this stuff. But this turned up in my newsfeed, and it’s rattled me a bit……  so glad I’ve started building! it might even be time to pull money out of the bank and stash it under the mattress….

This is lifted from, and I hope it’s useful to someone following this humble blog……


The U.S. economy and markets are now the BIGGEST BUBBLES in history.  In 2000, we experienced  the Tech Bubble.  In 2008, we suffered both a Stock Market and Housing Bubble.  However, today… we are in the “EVERYTHING BUBBLE.”

This is an excellent video presentation by Mike Maloney at  Mike puts together some of the best quality videos in the precious metals industry.  This one is a MUST SEE.  If you are frustrated with the performance of gold and silver since 2012, this video shows just how insane the markets have become.

In the video, Mike provides charts showing how the economic and market indicators are peaking, even much higher than what took place in 2008.  For example, Mike shows a chart on “Margin debt” in the stock market and how it is the highest ever:

The indicators and charts in Mike’s video presentation provides evidence that the market is now one GIANT BUBBLE ready to POP.  While the insanity could continue a bit longer, the indicators are now a BLINKING RED LIGHT that something is seriously wrong.

I highly recommend my readers to watch this video and please feel free to share it with others who are still gambling in the broader markets.  Maybe it might WAKE THEM UP before it’s too late.

You can also find this video presentation here: THE EVERYTHING BUBBLE: Code Red



7 responses

21 05 2017

Money has no place to go. Everything vaguely investment is at near record levels. Regular art worth sweet FA, investment art big money. Gold $54,000 a kilo. Bubbles bubbles and more bubbles.

For a while cash will be king, but only a short while, will not be that long before people realize it is just paper ( or polymer). So yes some money under the bed is a very good idea, together with deposits in more than one bank.

I do not have his faith in gold. Yes money will have to go somewhere, but gold does not have an intrinsic value eventually that will be realized. I don’t have any crypto currencies, they rely on a fragile internet I don’t have his faith that it will return.

Shit is about to happen and happen very soon. He assumes the coming crash will be like all others followed by an eventual recovery, in this he is wrong.

21 05 2017

gold is all but useless. It’s difficult to spend and well nigh impossible for everyday needs, although it might help if you are held for ransom. Silver is much more useful everyday.

22 05 2017

In addition to some physical cash ( which might be whittled away by hyperinflation) I also have about $6000 in small physical gold bullion. Whilst it may not be very useful for everyday transactions, it might be needed to pay property rates or as an incentive for urgent treatment from a dentist or doctor.
I have heard Mike Maloney, Chris Martenson, Gerald Celente and many others predicting another ‘imminent’ crash ever since 2009, so I’m not panicking. I do agree, however, that, owing to world debt levels, it has to happen one day – it intrigues me how they have been able to hold it off for as long as they have.

22 05 2017

Every day, we’re one day closer to the crash, and every day it takes longer to occur, the worse it will be…

22 05 2017

I have come to accept that we will probably lose most or all of what we have, because nothing is necessarily safe and most investments are currently overvalued. Everything can be taken through taxes and confiscation. Silver has historically been safer than gold in that respect, but in a collapse situation silver and gold may not be very tradeable. I have invested in food and water, and the ability to grow/collect it, – but that can also be taken, and we have, as a family, a range of knowledge and skills. It will be a major achievement to survive well and adapt. We should expect no more.

23 05 2017

It used to be that every December this decade I would think “wow, we made another year”. Now every morning I look at the internet and think “it still works we made another day” And I do agree with Mike the longer it takes, the worse it will be.

I also agree Austapteryx, there is no safe investment. Keep the fuel tank near full, keep the pantry full and make sure to rotate your stored food.

Meanwhile enjoy the coffee and let those you love know that you love them.

24 05 2017
Chris Harries

The ABC has one commentator who seems to be above the rest. Stan Grant.

At least he says things that make people think. About the state of the world economy and society.

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