Could do better: why we must set young minds free

8 01 2015

THIS, is compelling essential reading for anyone with children…
“Transition engineering?
It is astonishing and cowardly that we still don’t properly educate our young people about the changes underway and the options for dealing with them. There is relevant expertise in a variety of areas just waiting to be passed on: low energy living, soil restoration, carbon-neutral agriculture, zero carbon building, alternative economics, global systems science, permaculture, earth law, rewilding, conflict resolution.”


Back to the chalk-faceIn the same week that my 16 year old son began assessing his options for subjects and sixth form colleges for next year, his 11 year old brother made a bold but flawed attempt to bunk off school, managing to duck away from the school bus and secrete himself in the local churchyard with his packed lunch and a plan to sit out the day under a bush.

The closeness of the school community and his older brother’s vigilance meant that his absence was spotted and reported within an hour; to his chagrin he was back in school for second lesson. But there were insights to be taken from this traumatic, if brief experience.

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8 01 2015

Great post… unfortunately the narrative of the state/church/civilisation gets us all by the short & curlies, long before we’ve even got any! 🙂 Thats why they control institutions of “education” to ensure a solid indoctrination and ongoing entrapment in their system of perpetual consumption/growth.

I’ve said it before, but I still think the best way to change your own (or your childs) narrative is by starting with Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael series.

8 01 2015
John Doyle

Here’s an article referring to our loss of intelligence over the decades;
Lots of guesses as to why. Certainly the young I know are very alert and intelligent, so it’s likely the measurement process ignores changes in schooling.

9 01 2015

Thanks for the link john.
The Graph only shows the decline from 1950. I would suggest that the decline started before then. How else have economists, who believe increasing exponential growth can continue indifinitely on a finite planet, have gained such sway in political thinking.

9 01 2015

I can’t help wondering if this isn’t caused by ‘modern diet’ to be honest…

9 01 2015

Thank you for the kind words and re-blog. And I agree with the points in both the above comments 🙂

9 01 2015

the young minds are already brain washed, so how do you propose to set them free, tell them the truth?

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