The Cob Oven Saga is Over……

19 06 2014

finishedcobovenYes dear readers……  the cob oven is finished.  And waterproof…  no more collapses in the rain.  Nine years in the making, I finally finished rendering it yesterday with a cement render consisting of two parts white cement and three parts white sand, with a smidgin of red oxide colouring that I had to very finely tune to not look garish, and yet imitate Terracotta…  On the whole I am very pleased with the result, and am looking forward to putting the gained experience into building another slightly larger one in Tasmania when we finally get there!

IMG_0011Before the final coat was applied, we held a party in honour of Glenda’s birthday.  Good company, some nice wine, and Alessandro’s divine pizzas ensured a most pleasant afternoon on the deck on what turned out to be our first true Winter’s day….  in the sun!  What more could you ask for?

IMG_0017Serge brought a home made cake the likes of which only someone with his Pastry Chef skills could muster, made almost exclusively from his own fresh eggs, milk and strawberries.  We look forward to more entertainment like this now we have this wonderful oven at our disposal, and it will certainly come in handy in Summer when it’s far too hot to fire up the AGA in the kitchen…IMG_0018

The day was topped off with the most amazing sunset we have ever seen from our deck…..  a sign from the gods that maybe we had an exceptional day…?  Whatever it might have been, it sure was impressive…. almost reminds you of the fire in the oven.




One response

19 06 2014
Ruth Lipscombe

Cob oven looks good.nearly as good as that magnificent sunset.
I am green with envy.It has been wet in Innisfail for nearly a month,feel sorry for the farmers.

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