Tim Garrett on Jevons’ paradox

25 02 2021

Another interesting video someone here pointed to (I had in fact already seen it…) reflecting on Jevons’ paradox, one of my pet subject. Garrett makes interesting observations, such as that global GDP is so tied to CO2 emissions, a single scientist atop a volcano in Hawaii could work out what it is without involving a single economist nut job….. Surprisingly, he also seems unaware of peak oil, showing a chart that states oil decline will start around 2050, thirty years too late… Ah well, nobody’s perfect!

We turned our energy efficiency gains into a simpler lifestyle rather than growing our car fleet or going on overseas holidays. If everyone lived like us, the economy would collapse overnight, which is precisely what needs to happen. Enjoy….

IF you are interested in Jevons paradox, you’ll probably enjoy this article too….