Does ANYONE really understand what’s going on?

27 07 2021

I raised the point in my last controversial post about the pandemic’s origins and vaccines that many commentators these days are quite capable of expressing perfectly valid points while simultaneously coming out with complete rubbish. Even people whose opinions I greatly admire and/or respect, like Chris Hedges…. That the US Empire is finished is very obvious to me. But China replacing it? Never gonna happen….

Here’s Peter Zeihan discussing China. Sorry about the sound quality, it is what it is. Apart from the demographic catastrophe facing China today, I would add that it’s also facing an energy crisis and imminent food shortages. You may remember that I recently posted some videos discussing the possibility of a complete Chinese collapse. I stand by that still. What I find hilarious is how Zeihan cannot see the end of American exceptionalism!

in fact, how many can see global collapse coming?