Delusion exposed….

6 02 2023

The truth is slowly but surely coming out. I had never heard of Mark Mills before and his sudden appearance on YouTube came as some surprise. My old sparring partner from Eclipse recently attacked and ridiculed me and Simon Michaux, yet here’s someone who apparently doesn’t even know Simon (he never mentions him) using IEA data, and comes up with exactly the same conclusions.... As usual, zero mention of limits to growth, but hey, nobody’s perfect!



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6 02 2023
Dr Mike Joy

He works for Manhattan institute so will never mention limits, they slam renewables to protect oil industry. Not saying he is wrong just the motivation is to protect his funders

6 02 2023

I thought as much, but he acknowledges that barely 10% of what’s needed to be invested in all sectors of the energy industry is is actually invested. So much fossil fuel would have to be burned to instigate the transition I can’t see why oil gas and coal companies would care….

6 02 2023
les online

appreciated your sharing the video…

6 02 2023
Sam Powrie

Great presentation Mike. A bit more precise than Michaux’s.

28 02 2023
Jonathan Maddox

He does mention the Geological Survey of Finland. That’s Michaux’s work.

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