RIP Colin Campbell…

17 11 2022

You won’t see this in any news report, so I’m putting this up out of respect for someone who had a huge impact on the last twenty years of my life. Colin Campbell, founder of ASPO and originator of the concept of “Peak Oil” passed away at his home in Ballydehob, Ireland, on Sunday, 13th November
after a long illness. He was 91 years old. There will be a short cremation service in Cork on this Thursday (17th), and then a commemorative gathering in Ballydehob on the following Wednesday (23rd November 2022 ).

He lived long enough to witness Peak Oil four years ago. Just look at those Guinness glasses…

And an obituary by Richard Heinberg



4 responses

17 11 2022

We can only hope any future humans, if there are any, stumble onto the work of people like him, who knew what was happening and explained it to others.

17 11 2022
samsavvasSam Powrie

Yep – big shoes he had!

17 11 2022

That photo with will be printed onto a sticker that will be put on my car next spring.
That’s a f***in’ honor !
Would’ve put it on sooner but you know … … its Canada’s Dread season …

17 11 2022

He helped educate so many people about what lies ahead. ( unfortunately the majority still have no clue!)

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