It’s catching on….

15 11 2022

Even Chris Martenson is catching on to Simon’s work…



One response

15 11 2022

As long as he doesn’t start denying climate change. I note he never seems to mention it in recent years as he once did. Nor environmental matters for that matter. Wouldn’t appeal to the majority of his post pandemic fan base I guess….
Renewables aren’t the answer but I hope this doesn’t give people an excuse to say that we should just continue living our energy wasteful and highly consumptive lifestyles (until we can’t). So much damage to the natural environment, to native habitat, to the seas and rivers will continue to be done in the meantime…..and we also need to conserve at least some of that oil for vitally important needs in the future.
People like Martenson know what the future holds and his podcasts should be protesting against high levels of consumption and advocating for a De Growth economy. Wouldn’t make him popular though. Few people want to hear that message.

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