Physics ggetting in the way of fantasy…..

6 09 2022

I’ve been following this guy for some time now, a combination of continuing interest in cars and sustainability, Cardogan’s inimitable style, and the fact he’s an engineer who knows what he is talking about. He swears a lot, I’m warning you!



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6 09 2022
15 10 2022
Etyere Petyere

Not really ! This truck;

has range, performance and size and it is electric . Also not excessively expensive

See it.for yourself

15 10 2022

Most ridiculous piece of crap I’ve ever seen…

Four tons and nought to 100 in three seconds?

Not even the reviewer can work out who would want one. Apart from some rich wanker.

Planet destroying technology.

15 10 2022

“These new electric pickups are wonderful towing companions, aided by massive horsepower and torque that allow for easy merging with the flow of interstate traffic, and their heavy curb weights (between 6855 pounds for the F-150 and 9640 pounds for the Hummer) lend an impressive stability when lugging a three-ton trailer. But you won’t want to be going far, as a full battery will take you a mere 100 miles in the Lightning, 110 miles in the R1T, and 140 miles in the Hummer.”

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