11 05 2022

I haven’t written anything here for what seems a very long time. A combination of getting bored with repeating myself and evidence of everything I’ve been predicting coming thick and fast even in mainstream media. However, having recently turned 70, a somewhat momentous occasion in my life, at least, it occurred to me somebody out there might be interested in some light reading on the subject of my life having been somewhat ruled by the number seven…..

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not into numerology nor am I superstitious; and dates are all human inventions. None of what I’m about to write would make any sense had Baby Jesus been born a year or two later or earlier…..! Bear with me…..

i was born seven years after the end of world war two. On the seventh day of the month, just like my father. I am the eldest of seven. The number plate of my Triumph TR4 when I bought it aged 17 was PLL777. I have lived at more addresses involving the number seven than I care to remember too. Even our current address has a 7 in it as does our postcode. Of course, so does everyone else who lives here, but for a change this is actually about ME….! As I write, we’ve owned the Fanny Farm seven years, which of course will mean nothing next year…..

Glenda and I were married in 1977, and our children were born ten years later in 87. Definitely major life milestones.

So why am I writing this? Isn’t it a coincidence that everything around us is collapsing in my seventh decade? What’s more, I will turn 77, if I live that long, in 2029, and it’s highly likely that the shit will really hit the fan in 2029. Which happens to also be 100 years since the great depression started. Only nothing will end this one, not even another world war.

Anyhow, now I’ve got this silly post off my chest, maybe I can go back to sleep, it is 3:30am and God knows why I’m wide awake…..

Enjoy the collapse.



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11 05 2022

Thanks for sharing, Mike. I’ve also recently past the 70 milestone and while my numbers are more around 15s or 5s, I can understand your amazement at the 7s coincidence. And yes, you (and I) are about to be proven right as everything turns to shite.- whether in 2029 or 2027 or 2025. I feel fairly sure humans won’t be around 1,000 from now, so very sad that we chose to build a civilisation based on a finite res source, but really, all so horribly predictable in the end…..and yes, it’s 3 am here too, at the top of my mountain retreat, where I am planting hundreds of nut trees for my childen and two grandsons……I hope you managed to get back to sleep, and thanks again for posting, and for all your posts over the last 17 years!

11 05 2022

Gee whiz, you must be my longest follower….. 17 years? Not even I can believe it…. Thanks for sticking it out.

11 05 2022
Owen lysaght

Everthing i read, suggests we are at the end or turnimg point of multiple cycles. I emjoy your blog. I am based in clarkefield, in melbourme, and have the water and power sorted, on a 100 acre block. I built a true climate change ready property, that should serve me well, for decades to come. I think there are no more than 10 essential points to create a climate change ready property.

11 05 2022
Ted Trainer


This short article is I think very important. There has not been much information recently on how the fracking business is going, but this is a clear and well documented indicating that its decline has continued, and in my view hits the wall within five years or so.

Blanchard, R., (2022) The status of US oil production, *Resilience*. May 4.

I am attaching two articles that deal with the coming collapse.

Hope you are thriving down there in paradise


11 05 2022

Thanks Ted, we’re kind of thriving, definitely not doing without! I’ll check your article out….

11 05 2022

Hello Ted, I thought you had moved on to the next plane…

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