The end of Normal….

13 01 2022



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13 01 2022

It’s unfortunate how many people confuse ridding ourselves of barbaric animal farming with going vegan. Nobody’s perfect I guess….

16 01 2022

… and our ideal diet should ABSOLUTELY NOT be based on starch and carbohydrates … Jesus … [facepalm]
The reason for diffusing the truth in its the maximal absorbable complexity is not to elicit spontaneous change in a fantasy hippy revival redemption fest.
The sole reason for it is for the mass to understand what’s about to hit the backside of their cranium with an aluminum baseball bat. (yes, I stole it from Primus)
He had good colorful moments in his rant … but I’m kind of veering to the picky and absolutist form as I get older. 😉

14 01 2022
Blue Peter

G’day The Matrix Peoples,
The new “normal” WARNINGS. Make plans accordingly.
Stay alive! Blue. Peter………….

14 01 2022
George Bellarious

These are “greenies” who are barely hiding their glee that the destruction of the natural world might be ending. They’re presenting bold and severe predictions as facts.

Motivated reasoning at its worse. Weak and unscientific.

16 01 2022


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