Another inconvenient truth…

20 11 2021



5 responses

20 11 2021
Hugh Spencer

Thanks so much for this – I will spread it widely.

20 11 2021

Have shared. Yep, the younger generation are really just as materialistic and selfish as earlier ones.

22 11 2021

I would say they are worse!

21 11 2021
Steve Bull

Reducing our cognitive dissonance by telling ourselves lies is a powerful, powerful psychological mechanism that we just can’t seem to overcome most (all?) of the time. And it doesn’t help that our various narratives/paradigms are manipulated constantly by those who seek to profit from our beliefs and behaviours.

23 11 2021
Erik Turner

Yup. I’ve ordered Nate Hagens’ new book called “Reality Blind”. He talks about this type of thing in “Section 3 – Human Behavior”. He also published the clunky online version here:

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