It’s a headwind alright …

25 09 2021



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25 09 2021

Well that ending was bloody disturbing….

26 09 2021

Yeah, the ending was disturbing. . . . But, I almost turned it off in the first few minutes. The person the movie is about is clueless. He wants to move somewhere to avoid the worst of climate change. Doesn’t he understand that climate change is a symptom of human overshoot on a finite planet? He is in denial and thinks that the problem is human consumption and says that with ingenuity and working together 8 BILLION people can continue living on this planet! Sure it’s consumption but its because we have 8 billion. Sure, windmills are not the answer, but no amount of Green energy is a solution. Where does he think all the food (and everything else) 8 billion use comes from – wake up fossil fuels. A truer picture of denial couldn’t be found. We need far fewer people living at a hugely reduced lifestyle (aka 1750’s).

26 09 2021

I agree…. But you must realise very few people actually get it, like, properly get it…..

30 09 2021

The carbon footprint of societies and individuals actually does matter. You can’t say each of the 8 billion people produces and uses the about the same amount of pollution.

The problem is not so much the 8 billion, but the millions who consume most of the world’s resources, benefit from most of the ecological destruction, who are the problem at the moment.

Putting the blame on small farmers or slum dwellers in China, India or Africa seems like real denial to me.

26 09 2021
Jerry McManus

Wow, that was disturbing. I also tuned out early, the guy comes across as a clueless “not in my backyard” type, clearly thinks he’s entitled to all the comforts of industrial civilization, and only tilting against windmills because they cut down a few trees in his adopted swedish eco-playground.
By the end I couldn’t stand to hear him talk anymore (“Why do we need more electricity? Everyone has enough electricity!”), but it was worth it to see the part where he gets snatched off the street by a whole van full of silent thugs in gas masks.
What a world we live in!

28 09 2021

No one *properly* gets it. It’s all just hypothetical, discussed on the Internet by people using every convenience of modern industrial civilization. None of us is actually living The Road; none of us can even imagine the level of suffering a mass die off would involve. I felt sorry for the guy. There’s no escape.

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