31 07 2021

Amazing video well worth the hour and a half… Dr Sid Smith pulling no punches.



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31 07 2021
Kevin Hester

It’s a spectacular presentation from Sid that prompted me to interview him on Nature Bats Last.

Dr Sid Smith Rocks the Boat on Nature Bats Last

31 07 2021
Lee Miller

Thanks for sharing.

5 08 2021

Interesting, but usual shallow ending to keep the Greens happy
“We could reduce our consumption …. without sacrificing quality of life”
Please explain. Does that mean a grid reliability of 99% instead of 99.999% so no electricity on days of 47 degrees, does that mean get breast cancer and die or accept that dying is a part of life – the devil is in the detail and when he goes there (in other talks) its all about adaptation, but not how many people will end (can end) up adapting.
Just saying.

6 08 2021

No, it means we can reduce our consumption without sacrificing quality of life….. We’ve been doing it for twenty years! In fact I reckon we’ve reduced our consumption and IMPROVED our quality of life….. Quality of life doesn’t rely on the grid, it relies on interpersonal relationships….

7 08 2021

I totally agree re definition of ‘quality of life’ and a quality of life measure is community connectedness (more importantly in the physical).

An accountant friend recounted when he advised a client that to reduce expenditure, perhaps they could not take their family on their annual overseas holiday – out of the question. In a city where people drive into their remotely operated garages in a house of exorbitant energy costs, ‘quality of life’ is synonymous with material quality and comfort.

However his lecture isn’t to the likes of us (or them above); it is to the green minded folk who when they hear the salve “… without sacrificing quality of life” redouble their mental commitment to buy carbon credits and electric vehicles. For example, when I was a member of Darebin Climate Action Now (DCAN), no way could I get them to support advocating for a grid reliability of 99%; as they could see that it meant sacrificing ‘quality of life’ and who’s going to buy that? – much better to keep on advocating 100% renewables, fossil free existence.

In giving a public lecture, I think he would be more honest saying that their ‘quality of life’ will be sacrificed; and then talk about what is ‘quality of life’. As guru Klaus Schwab says “you will own nothing and be happy”.

8 08 2021

I still don’t believe quality of life will be sacrificed, rather it will change, just as EVERYTHING we do today is about to change big time….. We’ve been spoiled beyond all measure.

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