Does ANYONE really understand what’s going on?

27 07 2021

I raised the point in my last controversial post about the pandemic’s origins and vaccines that many commentators these days are quite capable of expressing perfectly valid points while simultaneously coming out with complete rubbish. Even people whose opinions I greatly admire and/or respect, like Chris Hedges…. That the US Empire is finished is very obvious to me. But China replacing it? Never gonna happen….

Here’s Peter Zeihan discussing China. Sorry about the sound quality, it is what it is. Apart from the demographic catastrophe facing China today, I would add that it’s also facing an energy crisis and imminent food shortages. You may remember that I recently posted some videos discussing the possibility of a complete Chinese collapse. I stand by that still. What I find hilarious is how Zeihan cannot see the end of American exceptionalism!

in fact, how many can see global collapse coming?



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27 07 2021

As regards China, I was looking at the 1876 famine earlier today, which had multiple simultaneous breadbasket failures in Brazil, India, China and part of Africa. As many as 30 million Chinese died, with another 8 million in India and 2 million in South America. That’s when there were perhaps 1.5 billion on the planet.
There’s a paper on it here:
and Wiki articles:

One thing that seems to be overlooked is that as we move from the Holocene to the Anthropocene, climate instability will mean that agriculture will cease to be possible. Individuals and small groups may still be growing food for personal use, but organised agriculture as an industry will simply not be possible.

This recent paper is quite entertaining, written by an economist who actually accepts collapse is going to happen (!).
“Our hunter-gatherer future: Climate change, agriculture and uncivilization”

Pay particular attention to chapter 6, on brain size decline and reduced cognitive function at advanced CO2 levels>

It is hopium because it overlooks the fact that habitat loss includes other species (ie the foods we eat) as well as for humans, but it does make the point that agriculture will cease to exist.

28 07 2021
Chris Harries

It is impossible to really know what’s going on. Just that we are experiencing not just serial chaos but overlapping chaos with no end in sight. Not even a break.

Not knowing causes many people across the political spectrum to decide that they do know, and so we have a fertile breeding ground for all sorts of conspiracy theories.

I think it’s best to accept that we don’t know the full complexity of our predicament, but not join the madhouse where people are losing their heads.

28 07 2021
Lee Miller

Agree totally. We all need to calm down a little.

23 08 2021
Llewellyn James

“You may remember that I recently posted some videos discussing the possibility of a complete Chinese collapse.”

Do you have a link to those?

25 08 2021

YouTube is chockablock full of Chinese collapse videos, the hard part is working out which ones are credible, and which ones are not….

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