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4 07 2021



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5 07 2021
Jon Wood

Interesting. I am suspicious of the video’s findings.

5 07 2021


5 07 2021

On the whole I enjoy your postings, but this one failed on all fronts. It was unashamedly promoting meat, in particular beef, with no real rationale. Many of the figures were skewed and randomly chosen, as were some of the comparisons. I was an avid meat-eating farmer, but have been a vegan for 11 years now and have published a book, which can be found at, which takes a very different view, in particular, there is a graphic on page 21 showing the dreadful overwhelming dominance of cattle numbers over wild animals and the huge dependence on oil to maintain their numbers.
The claim that cattle can eat the wastes from human food is spurious. Much of the waste referred to was from food that is not strictly plant-based whole food and would make excellent compost for growing real vegetables.
There is no justification for farming or eating animals in this day and age.

6 07 2021

I always look for your emails and generally enjoy their content, but not this time.
As an ex meat-eating, 40 years farmer who went vegan 11 years ago, for my health, for the health of the environment and for the well being of animals I found the video lacking in verifiable facts and less than persuasive.
The argument that marginal land is better to have grazing domestic animals on it, in preference to allow the land to regenerate into its natural and original condition is very shallow. The argument that food wastes be fed to cattle, in preference to creating valuable compost is also of no persuasion.
On page 21 of the book Plant Paradigm, found at, there is a graphic from Professor Václav Smil presenting the dramatic increase in domesticated animals and the tragic decline in wild animals, bringing into question the proposition that emissions from wild animals of the past are somehow equal to emissions from cattle today.
A disappointing promotion for the beef industry and of no value to the discussion on global warming nor the destruction of our biosphere.

6 07 2021

All those problems are caused by too many people. But that problem is going away…

13 07 2021

This (overpopulation) is the *real* elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.

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