The Anthropocene

28 06 2021



4 responses

28 06 2021
Chris Harries

Will Steffen has been part of the climate council, which has been bombastically into technological solutions. It speaks volumes that he didn’t end this video talking up those things. It’s been only the pat three or four years that Will has stepped out and has been prepared to write up the scariness of our predicament in no uncertain terms. Most of his colleagues won’t do that. Yet.

28 06 2021
Michael D

Language matters. It is important to avoid ufamisms when talking about this. Death of most of humanity. Death of civilisation. Possibility of the extinction of all life on earth.

28 06 2021

Excellent presentation. The presenter, Will Stephen ?, did a great job sharing complex in simple, easy to understand format. I certainly feel like I understand climate change and the coming of the anthropocene era better. And, even more convinced that we must take collective action to change out societies, especially English-speaking ones, to acknowledge environmental limits, make changes to our consumption patterns, and make our societies more equitable.

29 06 2021

Very good lecture, not sugar-coating the situation. I was not aware that there is a serious effort to formally recognize the Anthropocene. Unfortunately I believe that the human species will comtinue to ignore this until well after it is irreversible. I remember a comedy video where the Atlantis city father’s were denying the rising water was even happening as they were drowning.

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