Capitalism is broken

9 06 2021

I have been following Tim Jackson for many years now, but hadn’t heard much from him lately, until this video came across my newsfeed. There’s been a subtle change in his attitude methinks. There are a couple of earlier clips of Tim here if you’re interested…. Enjoy.



One response

9 06 2021

Humans have pursued a materialistic society, that’s true. But many of the things we have created – electricity, engineering, communications , modern medicine and surgical techniques, (including analgesics, vaccines and antibiotics) have greatly improved human life. I certainly wouldn’t want to live without those things as people did not so long ago (especially if I was a woman of child bearing age). ). All these things have been regarded as humanity’s greatest achievements and many were developed for altruistic reasons – to improve standards of living and to reduce suffering. Modern communications have also allowed our knowledge in so many areas (including Earth’s place in the Universe) to expand enormously.
At the same time, these developments have allowed human numbers to expand enormously, (especially antibiotics) and our various material demands, including for high standards of food and shelter have increased accordingly. This has led to an increase in greenhouse gases to the extent that our future existence as a species is threatened. Not just our existence but that of many other species, both animal and plant.
So, with our higher brains and the intelligence necessary to develop these things – it’s got me wondering lately if humans should really be here on this planet at all.

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