Introducing Rupert Read

16 05 2021

I’ve only just discovered Rupert, don’t know how he flew under my radar for so long…



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16 05 2021
don james owers

We are the lemmings marching towards a cliff and the dickheads are telling us to look at the the wonderful view from the top

16 05 2021

I came across Rupert Read shortly after discovering Jem Bendell’s Deep Adaptation paper.
He does say a lot of the right things, and I do like his adamant declaration that “this civilisation is finished” in a sort of shut up and get over it type of way, but suffers a little too much hopium by my reckoning. I’m not sure he’s read William Catton’s Overshoot……

16 05 2021

I also came across Rupert after reading Bendell’s paper. Read gave an address at Oxford and didn’t pull any punches to the students. In this interview at the end of this video, he does mention the great problem of overpopulation – after all it is a given. I don’t think he’s into hopium at all. He wants to be heard I guess and invited for interviews or talks – there would be less chance of that if he was to adopt a straight out ‘we’re all going to die in the near future’ Guy McPherson approach.

16 05 2021

A great talk, but agree that he came across as a bit too hopium, but also agree he can’t afford to be too honest or no one will listen, plus he’s heavily involved with Extinction Rebellion……

Reading Chris Clugston’s 2019 follow up to his 2012 book ‘Scarcity’, “Blip – Humanity’s 300 year self-terminating experiment with industrialism”, leaves little doubt it’s curtains for civilisation. Clugston’s in-depth research and detailed statistics on NNR’s (Non renewable Natural Resources).puts collapse no later than 2050, but I suspect he anticipates it before this.

17 05 2021

Yes, Blip is increasingly being mentioned, so must get a copy.
Here’s an extract from his book for anyone interested –

17 05 2021
Etyere Petyere

Blah blah blah butterfly . Don’t go on deluding yourself and others . Tell as it is . Collapse and complete chaos with no recovery after extinction . Let them eat the cake 🎂

17 05 2021
Hugh Spencer

The reality, is that we need a lot of Joe Salatins. ( – but as he clearly points out – intensive (restorative) farming is a full-time exercise, there is very little time for diversions. This behaviour is actually now pretty rare – you won’t see many city folk embracing it. Plus insect bureaucracy is intent on stamping non industrial farming out.

17 05 2021

Absolutely. I embraced it for 10 years, and aged 69 am about to do a scaled-down version again. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

17 05 2021

Insects have a bureaucracy ?

22 05 2021

Seriously Mike, what new insight or data did you get out of this video? Or do you just like hearing the same shit year after year from pseudo-intellectuals bloviating into the wind / to the choir?

It would be great if you could say in the intro WTF is new with a particular overly long article or 3 hour “presentation” (thanks Nate Hagens). If nothing’s new, I’m leading the charge for a worldwide ban on webcam production as every asshole seems to think that they’re giving a symposium just because they have a webcam and an internet connection.

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