The gospel according to Jean-Marc

27 02 2021

Will technology save us from climate change?

I’ve been listening to Jancovici a lot lately since discovering I can tether my mobile phone to our smart TV and watch lots of YouTube videos about the most incredible topics possible. There’s a huge amount of rubbish there of course, but over time YouTube ‘learns’ what I’m interested in and starts ignoring all the conspiracist diatribe. This is of course the exact same way conspiracists get their information and fill their brain with crap, but there you go… Jancovici has done a lot to improve my French, because he speaks at a hundred miles an hour (can a Frenchman do that?) And he’s trained my brain to slowly stop checking the subtitles to ensure I understood what he said! Fortunately for all of you, his English is very good indeed…


Jean-Marc Jancovici is an advisor to the French government on climate change and energy as part of the French High Council for Climate. He is a founding partner of Carbon 4, a Paris-based data consultancy specializing in low carbon transition and the physical risks of climate change ( He is also the founder and president of The Shift Project, a Paris-based think tank advocating for a low carbon economy ( Jean-Marc Jancovici also serves as an associate professor at Mines ParisTech.


The thermo-industrial development of our society has been possible due to resource extraction and the transformation of our environment. Unfortunately, it has led to severe environmental consequences that humanity is experiencing around the globe: shifting and unpredictable climate, extreme weather events, and biodiversity collapse. Humanity is paying the consequences for technical and technological progress. Thus, can technology still save us from climate change?

Jean-Marc Jancovici will address this question through the paradigm of energy. He will first detail how modern society is structured around thermal and nuclear energies, and will then discuss the impact of this structure on global climate and society. Finally, Jean-Marc Jancovici will conclude by exploring the trade-offs between economic growth and sustainable climate stewardship.




5 responses

27 02 2021

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. — Albert Einstein

27 02 2021

I doubt whether we can solve this particular problem at all….

28 02 2021

Sadly, I think you may be right.

28 02 2021

Jesus Mike … I’m very happy to learn that J-M Jancovici is now in your feed …

but goddamn … you could have been a little more considerate and warn the [at least mildly] mathematically literate crowd to sit down and have strong drink prepared for when they reach the 1:17:18 mark !

What a shameful lack of mindfulness !

28 02 2021

You were expecting something else…?

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