Uneconomic Growth

8 02 2021

Just think about it…..



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8 02 2021
Anthony William O'brien

The last grandfather has already been born. We are so very far into overshoot, in so many ways, that our extinction is inevitable. You want another possible doomsday item that you probably had not even thought of; marine thiamine deficiency (I don’t understand the causality, so I might be wrong).

8 02 2021


19 02 2021
Neil Smith

A brilliant summary Prof Rees – a better organised presentation of what I have thought for 20 years or so.
1: in your view, what probability is there of humans being smart enough to cooperate to fix this overshoot problem?
2: will a few more mini-catastrophes shortly increase this probability?
3: Failing success as above, is there some hope that following the inevitable bust phase there will be remnants of the population who will realise that they can do better next time?

9 02 2021

I’ve found the book “Doughnut Economics” by Kate Raworth very useful

10 02 2021

I’m afraid everyone’s just too terrified of even the smallest sacrifice now. It’s always someone else’s fault and someone else’s problem to fix.. therefore we are buggered.

19 02 2021

You are so correct with this ” It’s always someone else’s fault and someone else’s problem to fix”
On several sites I have made comments in climate change discusions asking other commenters about their housing, vehicles, boats, travel habits, do you fly to bali, Fiji, Europe, the US etc etc.
The biggest callers wanting us to move to renewables rant on about how I will not be happy unless every one is living in caves.
It really appears to be some one elses fault and problem, i.e. why should I go with out.

23 02 2021

A new Jevon’s Paradox video from Prof. Tim Garrett

25 02 2021

Thanks for the link.
Very interesting video. Mike should post it. 😉
I always had a nagging idea that intuited that concept that progressively developed in my mind during the last decade.
It’s satisfying getting some confirmation by knowledgeable sources that there is something to it after all …
I say satisfying, but I mean it like “satisfying” like finding another splinter in your mind that you thought was completely free of splinters after you removed the first one !

25 02 2021

Great candid exposé.
The part I enjoyed the most was the segment between 9:43 – 9:59

So I’m not alone to be antagonized by that “mealy-mouthed” soft language …
…such a relief … 😉

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