Unsustainable, that’s what we are….

16 01 2021



6 responses

16 01 2021
Royden Andrew Ramage

Tasmania and one or two other places can avoid the worst of it ONLY by working together locally.

16 01 2021
Don Owers

When society collapses economists will find a market opportunity.

17 01 2021
Steven B Kurtz

This ignores scale. If there were 1 billion humans instead of 8, every impact would be 1/8 as powerful. We are the Plague Species, having quadrupled in the lifespan of living members. We will NOT voluntarily shrink, nor will simpler living by those now comfortable occur by more than a tiny %. It’s wired in life forms to increase energy throughput and expand niches. See:

22 01 2021

What does nature want?

It wants us to leave for good.

24 01 2021

Well thanks very much for the earworm – love that song. Now my wife is convinced I’m going crazy and she might be right as I go round singing, without, of course, Nat’s mellifluous tones

That’s what we are
Near and far

Like a song of doom that clings to me
How the thought of collapse does things to me
Never before
Has a species been more…

In every way
And as long as we last
That’s how we’ll stay

That’s why, humans, it’s incredible
That a species so unsustainable
Thinks extinctions
Impossible, too

and round and round.

25 01 2021

You’ve made my day…..

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