Planet of the Humans

8 09 2020

In this week’s episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges discusses the criticism and censorship of Michael Moore’s film Planet of the Humans with the director, Jeff Gibbs.



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8 09 2020
Lloyd Morcom

Very difficult isn’t it. I think we’ve reached the point where public debate is almost useless. We can’t assume a public common any more where all points of view can be heard and debated rationally. Instead, we have a series of silos where people only hear what they want to hear. It’s very visible in the States, where it’s rapidly descending into tribal warfare egged on by the political leadership on both sides. Any new information, such as Michael Moore’s film, is evaluated by interested parties purely in terms of how it fits with their current power position. If these parties see nothing in it for them, it’s trashed, regardless of how much truth it contains. Who does the environmental movement represent these days? Virtue signallers from the upper-middle-class? Is it just people like those in the movie you recently featured, or am I being too harsh?

9 09 2020
Bruce Teakle

Thanks for this post Mike, it was worth watching. Erika and I continued on to watch this interview with Mike Moore, that was also very interesting:

10 09 2020
Lloyd Morcom

Thanks for your comment Bruce: I watched the Mike Moore interview and it’s led me right into the heart of darkness if you like. Suddenly I’ve seen how this cancel culture is now a dire threat. Have you seen this discussion between Matt Taibbi and Bret Weinstein? Sorry Mike, you may think we’re straying from your area of interest but but I don’t think it’s off topic at all. An intellectual parasite has infected all institutions and it could very quickly cripple us all. We could either be co-opted or utterly silenced.

11 09 2020
Allen Thoma

Thanks for the post. Great interview, Chris Hedges has never disappointed. I know that some of the “liberal” friends and relatives I sent the movie too reacted just like they thought they should – they attempted to trash the movie. The Denial on both sides is truly sad.

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