How the World Works

13 08 2020

Jack Alpert has a new video out I think you’ll enjoy sharing….



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13 08 2020
Bev Courtney

A bit laboured. The average Joe in denial wouldn’t understand. No comments about the effects of climate change. Three remaining populations totaling 600 million, living in the only 3 suitable locations with hydro energy? Doubtful. Climate in those areas? Soils in those areas? Sea level rise in those areas? (they were all coastal locations). And dams silt up eventually. I think he could’ve done better.

13 08 2020

Point taken, one of those hydro dams is the three gorges one, which some people are speculating is on the verge of collapsing…..

13 08 2020

BTW, those three sites belong to just one of his scenario where a mere 50 million people are left living like rich westerners….. His other scenario not involving dams (and he seems unaware of Tasmania!) says that 600 million agrarian people could survive on what’s left of the biosphere with no hi Tech resources.

31 08 2020

The real alternative is socialism, the be a socialist you need to be a social person, wars are created by capitalism the greed and evny of what others have, they want.
Technology inproves and gets faster with growth of the population, the Human race are destin to travel space, this can not happen with a small population, because the technology will not be there at the right time. example:- the jet engine was invented in the mid 1800’s by a Romanian and yet it took 50 years after the invention to get the first turbine engine and then it took another 20 years to get the first jet engine, this only happen that fast because how big the population was.

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