Living in the time of dying

1 08 2020

Great video worth watching….



4 responses

1 08 2020
Chris Harries

Just released. An Australian effort. Nice to know there are people out there who are prepared to come out, so to speak. It’s generally taboo to say these things out loud.

1 08 2020
Allen Thoma

Great video. Of course it is depressing. Truth of our current situation is depressing. The end of humanity and sentience in the universe is depressing. A little beauty is all there is.

1 08 2020

Very good, enjoyed that. Stan the elder’s comments particularly struck a chord with me.
Why does gardening sound so trite, so sort of middle class twee?
But in fact, tend the garden that is Mother Earth, as it is the only one we have.

Okay you can give it grand names, horticulture, permaculture, agreoforestry, polyculture, whatever – it’s all tending to the garden, if you consider the whole planet the garden. Even anarcho-primitivism is a form of gardening in that sense.

I still do keep slipping back into the anger stage of the 5 stages of grief, and feel at times we have ravaged the garden so much that we no longer have the right to be in it, and that any subsequent extinction of humans is well deserved.
But you can’t feel that all the time, else you’d just go out and kill as many people as possible.

6 08 2020
Brendon Crook

Wonderful movie

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