Kevin Anderson & Hugh Hunt – A Rule Book for the Climate Casino

14 12 2018

https://ScientistsWarning.TV – Kevin and Hugh are back with us this year discussing the new ‘climate glitterati’ that come annually to Davos to feign concern about the climate while they discuss techno-fixes that might allow the (in their minds at least) to continue their excessive lifestyle that is heading us directly for runaway climate change and collapse.

Hat Tip to Chris Harries for this COPOUT chart…..



3 responses

15 12 2018

Great video. We are so screwed if we don’t collapse soon and fast. Sadly the top 10% isn’t going to give up any of their privileges.Without a drastic decrease in population OR a drastic decrease in consumption our descendants don’t stand a chance.

15 12 2018
Etyere Petyere

“end of wits” you know this when you see these people who are well knowledgeable muttering to themselves mitigation technologies not working even less existing as options for saving the day . It is laughable ! It it is good for nothing else gave me a good laugh at least

21 12 2018

This is really good but they do go on which is CO2 bad while I watch it & with a Youtube music video being only 3 minutes then that’s better for me to watch for climate change so frack it !
I’d rather die happy cannibal food coz that’s better for their health …

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