We are doomed….

12 10 2018

You might have noticed the level of bad language rising in this blog…….  sorry if you’re offended, I put it down to rising levels of frustration and utter stupidity. But if we ever needed a laugh, even if it’s inspired by four letter words, then it must surely be now….. This post was stolen from FB, hat tip to my mate Trev….. I categorised this post as ‘Philosophy’, I hope you agree…..

John Birmingham reckons we’re doomed too, and his reasons are more amusing than mine; remember, JB, not me.

The passcode of our doom is 00000

Because I am writing this column, we are fucked. And I am writing this column because we are are fucked.

As I write, Kanye West is trending on Twitter.

He’s also trending across the old media, surfing the front pages of The Sydney Morning Herald (‘Kanye West Drops F-Bomb with President Trump), Fox News (‘Candace Owens on the Smearing of Kanye’), and the tech media.

‘Kanye West’s iPhone passcode is 00000’ – The Verge.

The artist formerly known as Taylor Swift’s arch-nemesis isn’t trending everywhere because he ‘dropped an F-Bomb with President Trump’. He’s trending because we of the media, and you, our enabling audience, have been so intellectually handicapped by the endumbening of politics and discourse into a Skinner Box feedback loop of dopamine addiction and lab rat lever-pushing that we’re too fucking stupid to live.

Like, literally.

The International Panel on Climate Change this week released a funeral plan for the human race, detailing the minimum necessary precautions needed to avoid almost inevitable catastrophe—almost none of which we will take because we’re all too busy riffing on Kanye West’s bizarre visit to the White House.

It’s not actual news.

It was a curiosity, a freak show, or at the very least a surfing dog story, the sort of weird, WTF item that once-upon-a-time would have run in the thirty second slot at the end of the six o’clock bulletin.

In actual news this week, the Saudi regime despatched to Turkey a 15 man wetwork team, including the head of the forensic medicine department of the Kingdom’s interior ministry. Why? Because somebody had to use the bone saw they brought with them to dismember the body of Washington Post contributor Jamal Kashoggi, whom they had just murdered in the Saudi consulate at Istanbul, for the high crime of irritating a crown prince.

Why did these medieval beard strokers think they could get away with such brazen fuckery?

Because brazen fuckery has been standard procedure for Riyadh since they let the cheeto-dusted chimpenfuhrer play with their magic orb and he let them go to war in Yemen.

Once upon a time a stern glance from a US president was enough to prevent such things. It still could, but the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is not in the stern glance business, unless he’s telling Taylor Swift he likes her music 25% less now that she’s decided to get into the voter registration game.

Other things in the news this week, that might have been more worthy of our attention than Kanye’s passcode and disintegrating mental health? Another super-hurricane slamming into Florida with enough force to make even a few coal-fired Republicans wonder whether there might be something to all this climate change bullshit. In a normal week, in a world that wasn’t accelerating towards a self-inflicted apocalypse of super storms, mega-droughts, biblical floods, dead oceans, spreading famine and quite serious implications for the long term valuations of beach front property, we might have simply scratched our heads in bemusement at Kanye somehow grabbing the attention of the leader of the free world when said leader should have been too fucking busy to scratch his gigantic orange arse.

But no.

And so we’re fucking doomed.



4 responses

12 10 2018
Lloyd Morcom

Look, there’s no use in getting angry and upset. If you do, it’s because you think there may be another way things could turn out other than the way they do. But everything is going so utterly to plan! Civilizations rise, and then they fall. And when they rise the leaders are heroes. When they fall, politicians are seen as the embodiment of evil. People, get a grip! Stop looking for the bad guy!

If you understand how life really works in this universe of ours, you quickly see the way things happen has nothing to do with choice but everything to do with necessity. And necessity is simply the actions which are possible in order to stay alive. What governs these choices? One word, power. Every creature from the humblest microbe to—well, name your intelligent ideal—needs power. Those without power perish without reproducing. Those who wield power in ways which fit the time they exist in succesfully, manage reproduce.

We humans are the victims of our own runaway success, not of evil plotters in high places. Unfortunately our problem is we can’t get off the treadmill we’re on until it goes away from us. That’s simply the way things are, not a matter of human will or choice. Will it result in human extinction? Maybe. But whether we become extinct or not is not a moral problem, it’s simply an issue of what will happen rather than what we plan or hope for. However I can say with some certainty that Guy MacPherson of Nature Bats Last https://guymcpherson.com/2018/10/countdown-to-extinction-nthe-in-5-minutes/ is partly right. University professors are a doomed species and so it follows, also ex-university professors. But they represent a rather narrow cross-section of humanity.

Having seen a bit more of the range of human possibilities than the average highly educated upper middle class do-gooder, I find myself hesitant to pass judgement on our collective fate. We humans are stranger and wilder than we know.

14 10 2018

It is so easy to feel the way you do nowadays. We aren’t 100% doomed but a very large part of this civilization is doomed. It can be hard to keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel especially because we will probably never get there. Remember utopia is like the horizon, every step forward it goes one step further – I just hope we get somewhere just nice enough rather than utopia.

16 10 2018
Claire Stasse

You know what? I’m pretty sure we aren’t ALL doomed, just in trouble. And if we start preventative triage now – I.E sorting I out before THEM then we should be a ok, You are in one of the best parts of the world to be A Ok. You made quite sure of that. It isn’t your responsibility to look after the entire world, last time I checked you were an inspiring guru with an ego 😉

I would like to plant some okra. Noone knows what the hell that is. Haha. If you have some, or if you know someone who has some in Brisbane i’d like some so Main Roads don’t get up me for replanting the ‘flower beds’ in my rental. Claire

Think local, not global. THEY will either sort themselves out or they will start to believe the earth wants to end them. YES its a big mess. YES, but if you look at the pattern its up then down up then down. It’s sustainable choice, non sustainable choice. It always has been. swings and round abouts

Peace is not the answer.

16 10 2018

In a normal week, in a world that wasn’t accelerating towards a self-inflicted apocalypse of super storms, mega-droughts, biblical floods, dead oceans, spreading famine and quite serious implications for the long term valuations of beach front property,

BTW Good Omens is coming out next year, I think you should have a read. For some light heart stuff to calm down from a serious situation.

But yeah, some people really need the biblical to realise, oh..fuck

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