Why everything will collapse…..

23 09 2018

Very good video, although he displays his ignorance of meat farming and its ability to combat climate change when done properly. Largely immaterial I know, industrial agriculture will collapse as soon as the energy cliff arrives…….



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23 09 2018

well, the more I turned away from the factor hope (and therefore considered consequences towards desilusion, and clinging on to certains things),

I have to apply this message towards many fields, that only clinging on to things by their very own fixation, and denial of the issue, and blocking any dynamics towards the better, by clinging on towards the bau patterns, and the “danger” (and therefore blockade) change is sensed by many. (simply manifested by his or her paycheck alone).

I don’t know what to say,

except something I found recently:

the collapse will show manifestations of present cultural imprinting (trough fixated control), and not man on itself (that is in essence a good thing).

I don’t know about you, but I found great relief in this.

This insight came trough personal de-conditioning and self reflection, and personal nightmare life I had to go trough, to becoming even a sign towards answering this call, and possible concrete answers, and the opposition it creates due to the difference of approach, layed out and culturally/historically embedded systems of control.

Perhaps compare it with some animal, or organics, being not able to cope, digest, and handle more sudden temperature changes,

mankind has not shown the dynamics accordingly, with facing this issue, and transcending it,

into a civilization, worthy of even pronouncing that very word. 😥

Mvg, kind regards, Tim

Van: Damn the Matrix Verzonden: zondag 23 september 2018 2:53 Aan: wanderingneone@gmail.com Onderwerp: [New post] Why everything will collapse…..

mikestasse posted: “Very good video, although he displays his ignorance of meat farming and its ability to combat climate change when done properly. Largely immaterial I know, industrial agriculture will collapse as soon as the energy cliff arrives……. “

23 09 2018

Unfortunately mankind is following the path of the bacteria in a Petrie dish. Hate to say it but the sooner the process starts, the better the chance the damage mankind inflicts on planetary life systems the better. Will need a miracle for mankind to shift from the current trajectory.

24 09 2018
wandering neone

I hate to say this, but you are right.

I put myself into some design experiment to answer this one, and it worked with actual emperic micro results.
But guess what, I’m considered a nuisanse (and therefore neglected) to the very sys and people you are trying to help, symply by recognizing possible current drivers that are the very source of the issue itself.

One example being the contrast in between economics and solving this one, where actual reduction is the only thing that really works, while economics thrives on overconsumption.

But no one really wants to listen, and I’m being disregarded by many fields trough their own cultural conditioning.

And hereby exposing the very narrow way of present thinking towards solutions.

But I found some argument towards eased circomstances,

Most people are driven, and even encouraged towards staying oblivious, and ending up becoming part of the issue,
simply by dependance of their next paycheck, in order to feed themselves, and family alone, being one example.
Any attempt to transend this issue demands a lot of courage, that many people simply can’t afford in many ways, cause you end up in a nightmare train.

We are, in more general terms, simply pushed into virus/cancer mode, eating it’s host by conditioning and preseverance towards the damaging status quo.

Most people will not dig this, but the balancing stage will come, one way or another.

One way was a planned questioning, and actions towards balance by transendance and showing an indication towards worthiness of even trying to pronounce the very word of “civilization”,

And guess what they do towards those people (already described)

So I guess that leaves us stranded with auto dynamics towards a bankrupcy, and many agonizing nighmarish situations as a result of preseverance of current cultural conditioning.

But know, for a fact,
That there were beings, questioning these things. Troughout the ages,
but never considered a honest chance, by those very competitve status quo conditions that eats away our planet, and ourselves.


There is, strangely enough, a third way, that of AI and robotics, that in some odd way makes some sense,
(one relevant fact is that robots would be able to withstand the heat ao conditioning that a human body could not)

but sadly enough, rather irrelevant simply by the recognition that the ground levels of those algoritms itself, are already fragmented and poisened by those in present power, in an attempt to stay in power.
This results into a very fragmented result, of what mankind once was.

Perhaps these beings will start to florish, within their own limited paradym
but know I wont take any participation in those efforts.

Cause I simply know, that mankind is worth, plenty more then that.

It’s just too bad they embraced a paradym towards their own demise.

No machine is able to comprehend crazy horse it last wild ride.

26 09 2018

New essay on this same theme from Richard Heindberg:


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