The physics of energy and resulting effects on economics

10 07 2018

Hat tip to one of the many commenters on DTM for pointing me to this excellent video…. I have featured Jean-Marc Jancovici’s work here before, but this one’s shorter, and even though it’s in French, English subtitles are available from the settings section on the toutube screen. Speaking of screens, one of the outstanding statements made in this video is that all electronics in the world that use screens in one way or another consume one third of the world’s electricity…….. Remember how the growth in renewables could not even keep up with the Internet’s growth?

If this doesn’t convince viewers that we have to change the way we do EVERYTHING, then nothing will….. and seeing as he’s presenting to politicians, let’s hope at least some of them will come out of this better informed……

Jean-Marc Jancovici, a French engineer schools politicians with a sobering lecture on the physics of energy and the effects on economics and climate change




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10 07 2018

Oh if only every person could watch and understand this video .excellent, thank you for sharing.

14 07 2018

Well, I’M convinced we need to change everything we’re doing, but I was convinced of that before I watched the video (which was excellent BTW.) Jancovici is no salesman though. Imagine if you played that video to, say, a packed sports stadium in the half-time break. Would even a hundred of those people remember the salient points one week later? Do you think even five of them would make any meaningful change to the way they live their lives? Even more crucially – would any of those ‘converts’ be in a position of power that might allow them to influence social and/or economic policies over a large region or country? There were politicians in that video openly laughing at Jancovici as he spoke – I wonder if anyone in that room changed their thinking one iota after hearing all those grim truths?

15 07 2018

I think the concept is unsalable. Nobody wants to know, and few people can even deal with maths and charts etc…… I also think Jancovici treated those politicians with equal derision; I’m amazed they even gave him an audition, the whole thing is a waste of time, as I have repeatedly said on this blog ad nausam…..

We’re going over the cliff, and that’s that.

19 07 2018

I tried to pay attention to the audience faces’ expresion . unfortunately the recorder did not catch the moment when Jankovici mentioned the lenfght of period they have under cosideration while taking serious decision.
I saw some interest on them when he presented the GDP vs energy volume chart, thou.
I wander if anyone paid him aqustion about probabiloty of finding another cheap and ubiquitoius energy source before we reach all day long on potatoe field level. that would prove someone at least tried to grasp the idea.

I cant withold I must admit while watching Jankovici hearing I had that in front of my eyes.

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