Can we save energy, jobs and growth at the same time ?

20 05 2018
I apologise in advance to anyone with a short attention span, this is a bit long at almost one and a half hours……  especially as if you are new to limits to growth, you might have to watch it more than once!
If you ever needed proof that economics is an imbecilic proposal, then this is it.

Published on 30 Jan 2018

Jancovici’s conference in ENS School of Paris – 08/01/2018 To download the Presentation :… The depletion of natural resources, with oil to start with, and the need for a stable climate, will make it harder and harder to pursue economic growth as we know it. It has now become urgent to develop a new branch of economics which does not rely on the unrealistic assumption of a perpetual GDP increase. In this Colloquium, I will discuss a “physical” approach to economics which aims at understanding and managing the scaling back of our world economy. Biography : Jean-Marc Jancovici, is a French engineer who graduated from École Polytechnique and Télécom, and who specializes in energy-climate subjects. He is a consultant, teacher, lecturer, author of books and columnist. He is known for his outreach work on climate change and the energy crisis. He is co-founder of the organization “Carbone 4” and president of the think tank “The Shift Project”. Original video :… Facebook page :… Website :



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20 05 2018
Norman Pagett

commercial/industrial infrastructure runs on exactly the same principle as riding a bike

stop pedalling, you coast for a few yards, then you fall off

we cannot pedal without oil—despite assurances to the contrary—oil is about to max out—10 years tops–only oil has given us what we understand as ”growth”

it’s not that oil will vanish altogether—the taps wont simply run dry—-oil will become less and less affordable.

And no, it wont leave the rich with all the oil and the poor with none. We live in an interlocked system, each co dependent .

Trump—for instance might see himself as immune to future oilshocks—but he sits at the top of a ponzi pyramid….without millions of ”little people”…that ponzi scheme will collapse.

explains our dilemma more clearly

21 05 2018

Thanks for that link…… of course Jancovic goes a bit further explaining why this is causing wage stagnation (if not shrinkage), which is also something that Gail Tverberg has been sayig for some time. And then there’s the debt…..

21 05 2018
I.M. Noman

BP, a source of industry data trusted by others in the industry, says we still have 50 years of economically useful fossil fuels left. 50 years of planetary party is a lot – let’s party!

21 05 2018
Norman Pagett

In theory we might have 50 years of oil left, but What BP choose to ignore is that as supply gets tighter and tighter—we will fight over it

all wars, without exception, are fought over resources, our final wars will be no different

fighting over whats left will destroy what’s left.

the Saudi wells will not be left intact as war flares around them

21 05 2018
Chris Harries

Several years after “The Party Is Over” was published we are still partying. So hard to predict when the party will be really over. The delay should be giving us time to sensibly plan, instead alf gorging ourselves as if we were all bolimia patients.

5 06 2018
Chris Harries

Here’s a thought that should be bleeding obvious to us. It’s about the need to take a systemic, rather than reductionist, approach to sustainability.

View at

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